If you want to start learn German, you should have enough practice. The real language practice is right there... in the Internet:

1) How to say "Hello" to the people:

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It was a big break in my studies of languages, but now I want to continue with German. I found book "Deutsche Grammatik mit menschlichem Antlitz". I really hope that this book'll help me to study German. The author of the book is Ilja Frank. He has own method of learning languages. Let's try to study! :)

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July 2nd, 2009

Hi, everybody!!! You're reading Vovich's languages-learning blog. At first I want to apologize for some mistakes in my posts, but I'll try to correct every mistake. The main language of this blog is English, because I know it better than others. Also at the same time I'll learn Deutsch and Espa?ol. I hope I'll do it well. If you want to help me or give me an advice, please, comment my posts. And if you have some questions, I'll help you. So... here we go :)

P.S. I'm learning German, but writing post in English, so it's help me to learn two languages at the same time.

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