Effective phoning

English February 10th, 2016

Unhelpful way Polite way
1 Introduction
What do you want?
What's your problem?
I can't follow what you are saying.
How can I help you?
Could you share the problem? What seems to be the trouble?
Could you please repeat the last sentences, I can't understand what you said? Sorry? I beg your pardon, is it okay to say that again?
2 Assisting the customer
Tell me what you wanted again.
Send me a copy of your receipt.
Could you please repeat? Is it okay to say that again?
Do you have a copy of your receipt on hand? Do you mind sending me a copy of your receipt?
Is it possible to send me a copy of your receipt?
3 Showing understanding
It's your problem, not ours.
I think you are over-reacting.
We hear this same comment from every customer.
Can I add/pull in smb to the chat/conversation? Can I transfer you to smb?
Not to worry, we'll sove you problem.
It seems like the issue/problem might be on the user end/side. Could you please ...
This seems to be a common issue people are having + (promise of action)
4 Promising action
I'll ring you back some time next week.
I'll have to ask the manager if I can do anything about it.
I don't know how I can help you.
Would you mind if I'll ring you back some time next week?
It shouldn't be a problem, I'll just have to check/double check with my manager.
Not to worry, I'll search for someone else who can help you.
5 Closing the conversation
Anything else?
Is that it?
Hope you won't call us again with your problems.
Have I missed anything? Is there anyting else to add?
Can I just go over the items before we finish?
Is there anything else I can help you with? Please let me know.
Please let me know if anything else comes up.

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